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A Brunch Experience Unlike Any Other with Our Menu


Brunch Plates

Eggs Benedict on Sourdough

2 Poached Eggs on Sourdough with Hollandaise Sauce

King Benedict

2 Poached Eggs on Sourdough with Sriracha Hollandaise sauce -Stornoway BlackPudding - Smoked Bacon

Brioche Roll

Smoked Bacon - Poached Egg - Chilli Jam
Pork Sausages - Tattie Scone - SrirachaHollandaise

Savoury Croissant

Streaky Bacon - Swiss Cheese

Mushrooms On Toast

Garlic & Cream Mushrooms - Chives -Parmesan - Rocket

Smashed Avocado Sourdough

Smashed Avocado, Lime & Chilli - Two Poached Eggs - Chilli Jam - Rocket

Sweet Plates

Toasted Banana Bread

Espresso Mascarpone - WalnutPraline - Toffee Sauce

Toasted Nut & Seed Granola

Stewed Berries - Thick Yogurt - Honey - Cinnamon (vegan option available)

Oat Porridge

Sliced Banana - Stewed Berries -Honey - Toasted Almonds -Cinnamon
(Monday-Friday Only)

French Toast


Sliced Banana - ToffeeSauce - Espresso Mascarpone - ToastedAlmonds


Streaky Bacon - Maple Syrup


Stewed Berries - Toasted Coconut - Granola - Maple Syrup - Fresh Mint


Breakfast Plate

Pork Sausages - Smoked Back Bacon -Stornoway Black Pudding - Mushrooms -Poached Egg - Tattie Scone - Baked HerbCrumb Tomato - Paprika Spiced Beans - Chunky Toast

Avocado Toast

Grilled Halloumi - Veggie Haggis - Carrot & Courgette Fritter - Mushrooms - Baked HerbCrumb Tomato - Tattie Scone - PaprikaSpiced Beans - Poached Egg - Chunky Toast

Vegan Plate

Veggie Haggis - Smashed Avocado, Lime & Chilli - Mushrooms - Baked Herb CrumbTomato - Paprika Spiced Beans - Rocket -Chunky Toast

Wholesome Plate

Pot of Homemade Granola - Thick Yogurt -Stewed Berries - Toasted Bagel - Smoked Salmon- Cream Cheese - Lemon Wedge - Rocket


Today's Soup

With Bread or with Savoury Scone


Please see specials board & ask staff if you have any allergies

Soup & Sandwich

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